All Good Roosters Go To Heaven by Amelia Curzon

Carte Blanche by Amelia Curzon

It has taken me a while to start on my second blog, it got lost in the confusion of marketing and promoting in so many places, I found I completely lost track of where I was.  Far too much information seemed to be coming my way. Then sadness descended and I thought I would take the time to share it.

Cuthbert with Hens

This is my beautiful Cuthbert, a six-year-old Partridge Blue Brahma.  At least he was until this morning. He stood two and a half feet high and weighed enough to feed 30 people at the appropriate festival lunch. Don’t worry, we feed them, they don’t feed us. Just thought it was worth a mention.  He was a big, big bird.  He was also gentle and funny.

Upon his demise, his small harem of hens, now reduced to three, didn’t bat a wing! They looked, turned and carried on with the day’s…

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