The Beauty Behind the Scar by Lindsay Anne Kendall

Welcome, this week, to my delightful Guest Blogger, Lindsay Anne Kendal, with her reasons for writing a less than visually perfect character into her novel, and how she has learnt that ‘everyone’s idea of perfection is different’.Guest Blogger Lindsay Anne Kendall on Amelia Curzon's Blog - "Curzon"

I always get a little stuck on what to write for a guest post, and the last thing I want to do is bore anyone. So I often think of questions people have asked me about my books and myself and try and answer one.

Since my second book, Torment, has been released, I’ve been asked one question over and over. Why did I scar my main characters love interest?

I’ve been waiting to be able to answer this for people. The answer is really quite simple, and I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me. At this current time the media is forcing the “perfect body image” down peoples throats. You have to be skinny, have no blemishes, the perfect hair and eyes, and so on and so on. I personally think its a load of rubbish! But I know there are people out there now who think that because they may have a curvy figure, a few freckles on their face, or even a few scars… nobody will find them attractive.

When I first introduced Eligos into my novels, I described him as being this “perfect” looking guy. Not a hair out of place, or single blemish on his skin. As I wrote I thought “hmmm, that won’t last.” I then, in Torment, wrote that he had a secret, something he wouldn’t show Keira, the woman he loves, for fear she will be repulsed by him and not be able to love him because of his true physical appearance. But oh how wrong he was. She loved him for who he was, how he was, and the scars he had, although they affected his appearance drastically, they didn’t phase her at all. She still loved him, and even more so once he had built up the confidence to show her the real him.

There are a lot of hidden messages in my books, they are things I feel strongly about, and this is one of them. I want people who read this book to be able to realise that you don’t have to be “perfect” in order for someone to truly love you. That beauty is based on far more than just physical appearance. I want them to realise that everyone’s idea of perfection is different and that no matter how badly scarred someone may be, there is someone out there who will love them more than life itself, just for being them.

I hope that will answer peoples questions, and I hope they too will follow in Keira’s footsteps and fall in love with Eligos. I also hope readers will pick up on more of the messages in these stories.

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4 thoughts on “The Beauty Behind the Scar by Lindsay Anne Kendall

  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I enjoyed your post. I personally like characters who are less than perfect. Perfect just feels flawed to me. It’s not real and, though fiction is intended as an escape, I think some realism is essential to grounding the reader to the content.
    All the best to you…

  2. Thank you for being here, Lindsay.
    What a great talking point! Though ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, it’s what’s inside that matters more than anything, and the most beautifully wrapped items can often turn out to be very disappointing!

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