Why Being a Ghost Writer is Wonderful! by Karen Cole

Ghost Writer Inc Guest Blogging on https://aecurzon.wordpress.com/I have hosted many outstanding and gifted writers on my Blogs, but never before have I had the privilege of introducing a ghost writer. So I am especially pleased this week to do just that and greet ghost writer Karen Cole. Welcome Karen and thank you warmly for accepting my invitation and being my guest. 

First of all, it’s a very free feeling knowing that when your own writing is attributed to someone else, if people get judgemental about the work it doesn’t come back to you!  LOL – I’m kidding of course; I feel bad anytime someone “pans” something I’ve written under a client’s name. But that doesn’t happen very often. I’m an award-winning writer, editor and poet, and my work usually receives terrific reviews and often attains best seller status as well.

Anyway, being a ghost writer is eerily spooky fun. You get to pick your own hours, just as a freelance writer does; but as the gigs are not generally steady ones, you really are free to work whenever you want. This is as long as you meet the client’s deadlines, which are usually pretty loose ones. Also, you can get some of the credit for your work – I usually ask for credit as a book’s “editor,” no matter what type of work, including research, rewriting and ghost writing, that I have actually done on the book.

And the pay can be good as well. I offer affordable ghost writing services, so I sometimes don’t take more than $5,000 USD to work on a project, if it doesn’t entail a lot of work and mostly involves editing a client’s already written manuscript or ample notes. But our company has gotten $25,000 and up for our work on various manuscripts and screenplays, and I have received great figures as well. I can’t talk much about the work I do for celebrities and well-known clients, though – that’s why I’m a ghost writer – you can’t discuss much outside of your work, and I’ve signed a lot of NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).

Finally, over the years I have learned a lot from ghost writing. Ghost writers do a lot of background research, and so I’ve found out about and added to the professional literature on a wide variety of subjects, from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to the Holocaust to Eastern yoga practices. I learn every day from my clients, especially on how to mediate between writers and clients, as I run a ghost writing service that sends work out to writers on our team. And I learn a lot on how to get along with people on a professional basis.

But I think the best thing is how I’ve learned from editing certain book manuscripts and screenplays; there is always something new, and it’s so much fun to learn all about new things!

About Karen Cole

Karen Cole is an affordable book ghost writer, copy editor, proof reader, rewriter and book author with a team of 100+ writing field and book / screenplay workers, some of which are New York Times best-selling authors. We do inexpensive marketing, promotions and publishing or optioning assistance, and we have contacts with literary agents, commercial publishers and literary or film field professionals. We also offer ghost writers for music and composition, such as rap music and other genres, and we have ghost writing for Facebook and Twitter as well.

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