Guest Post: We Can Unify Our Minds for Positive Change by Gary Starta

I am thrilled to welcome my guest, Sci-Fi writer Gary Starta,with this fascinating post about the source field. Welcome, Gary, and a huge thank you for being my guest.

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If I were to tell you we can unify our minds for positive change, would you accept or dismiss this statement? Conditioned minds might discard this as deception or fiction, concluding it to be a state of consciousness we could never realistically achieve. It may sound like the next campaign slogan or a veiled promise from an alien leader in a science fiction move.

David Wilcox, author of The Source Field Investigations, proposes this is sound science theory. I am quite passionate about the contents of this fascinating book that explores ‘consciousness science’ and an array of topics including DNA transformation, multidimensional time and travel via wormhole. It is the most comprehensive tour of ancient physics and spirituality you might find. I like to think of it as a metaphysical bible or encyclopedia of the paranormal.

When I classify the theories of this book as metaphysics or the paranormal I feel I am cheapening the very idea of the source field. I feel as though these terms convey doubt about the reality of this zone of energy. Yet I am very excited about its likely existence. I write science fiction and many ideas and concepts I introduce in my novels are sometimes based on theory or what some might label fringe science. But in reference to the source field, I feel it is much stronger than a concept or theory. It is the science fiction story that comes true.

So what is the source field? It may be the answer to everything. Wilcox proposes all space, time, energy, matter, biological life and consciousness in the universe is a product of the source field. It runs throughout the universe and emits light via photons. Since its non-electromagnetic it’s been hard to detect.

We can channel the light of the source field via our pineal glands, a small gland situated in the middle of our brains. Unfortunately, because of poor diets and environmental pollution our pineal glands are not running at optimum efficiency. If they were, we would be absorbing all the glorious light the source field has to offer. It would literally change us via our genetic coding in positive ways. Light is absorbed in our DNA and the right light frequencies can be used for healing. Ultraviolet light can carry coding that affects the structure of DNA. If we were at an optimum receiving level, Wilcox believes the source field would appear in our DNA as virtual photons and be stored for usable energy.

Even more amazing, since every living organism stores and releases photons inside its DNA, you could remove the DNA and the photons would keep spiraling in that same area for up to a month. Experiments referenced in the book seem to prove that a pulse of light or wave may contain all the genetic information needed to build an organism. Consequently, our DNA coding is not fixed. It can be altered for benefit. We are not the sum product of our genetic coding. An outside source is a substantial contributing factor to our makeup.

Wilcox cites human evolution is now moving a hundred times faster than at any other moment in recorded history. An outside light source may be responsible. He believes overall happiness levels are on the rise and this is a product of evolution. The Journal of Happiness Studies reported that happiness protects our bodies from becoming sick.

It would seem the ancients already knew all this. Pyramids were built in specific shapes to funnel the energy of the source field. From Machu Picchu in Peru to the Four Corners area of the Hopi in the American Southwest, the evidence of these stone monuments theorizes building placement was intentional to maximize the powerful healing effects of the source field. Another benefit to this alignment is free energy.

The source field could be a means to share a collective mind with others. Dr. Cleve Backster posited the mind is an energetic field. He deduced all living things may share the same mind with us. Plants, animals, bacteria and even eggs are part of this collective. If a plant were to believe harm might come to it there would be a reaction. Backster maintained his plants screamed when a man who mowed lawns for a living came into his lab. If we could synchronize in positive ways, might we all better off? We could make each other feel better. Dr. William Braud discovered a nervous person could be calmed remotely by a person who shared comforting thoughts with them from a distance.

Health benefits are just one positive outcome. Wilcox cites the phenomenon of simultaneous discovery. Scientists may seem to stumble upon a breakthrough idea in multiples. It may come from mind sharing. Wilcox references Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s experiments which maintain we all access a common databank of information when we try to solve a puzzle, for example. It is believed we can solve problems more quickly when a segment of the population has already thought about the very same problem.

Wilcox references Dr. Paul Pearsall’s work with organ transplants. “Thoughts are apparently being stored within individual organs before they appear in the recipient’s mind.”

All these examples seem to suggest that our thoughts and intelligence is not contained within our brains. It is possible, through the source field, that we may act as antennae and receive information from outside our bodies.

A shared mind makes sense to me personally. I’ve always wondered why ancient civilizations separated by oceans all thought to construct pyramids. If you don’t buy into ancient alien theories, maybe the idea of transmitted thought could solve this conundrum.

It’s very interesting to at least consider the theory. Have you ever experienced sharing the same unspoken thought with a friend? Or have you ever wondered how your dog or cat seems to know when you’re about to arrive home?

I suggest picking up a copy of the Source Field Investigations and make up your own mind – if single-minded thought is at all possible.

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