Guest Post: A Cat Named Yerbie by Michael Charton


A big welcome to this week’s guest, Michael Charton. Michael is a writer, a blogger and a huge cat lover. 

Michael ChartonI’ve had cats all my life.  Cats were part of my family, because I grew up in an apartment building in Brooklyn, New York and dogs had to be walked (probably by me).

After my ragdoll cat Ashley died in June, 2006. I was ready to get another cat for my birthday in December, 2006.  We went to the Southern Arizona Humane Society.  I looked at all the cats to see who I would bond with.  An orange and white kitten kept trying to burst out of the cage.  Something kept drawing me back to him.  My wife Elaine laughed and said, he’s the one you want.

He had just come to the shelter a few days earlier.  We think he lived in a student apartment and they had to give him up.  The shelter named him Romulus and thought he was three years old (our vet said six months).  Romulus did not fit.  What to name the little tyke?

At the time, I belonged to a Sister City group between Tucson and Almaty, Kazakhstan.  One of the young men from Kazahstan came here to study.  His name is Yerbolat, called Yerbie by his University of Arizona classmates.  A cat had a name and Yerbolat, (who was amused) a furry nephew.

As a youngster he was always curious.  We thought he lived with students, when we discovered he likes pizza as long as itYerbie the Wonder Cat on Curzon isn’t spicy.  He enjoyed greeting and meeting people.

He wasn’t always careful.  His fur brushed too close to a candle his first Christmas and we had to quickly put the fire out.  Luckily, he was ok.  Another time, he was stung on the foot by a wasp.  Two hours later, he was fine, but very annoyed that he couldn’t jump, nor run as fast.  Lizards are a big thing in Arizona.  He just wants to play.

Friends on Palin’s Travels (Former Monty Python member Michael Palin’s website wanted me to create a Facebook Page for Yerbie.  One of the members calls Yerbie the Wonder Cat and that’s what I named the Facebook page.

Two years ago, we downsized from a house to an apartment.  The move was traumatic for Yerbie, like we had never heard a cat cry before.  We think he was afraid he was being abandoned again.  He gets nervous when we leave the house.

My wife is now disabled.  Yerbie sits on her lap and tries to take care of her.  We now have a younger cat, a female named Pandora.

Yerbie is becoming funny in a different way in his old age.  He’s very fussy about what he eats and his mealtimes.  As I type this, he is sound asleep.  He must think it’s tough taking care of his humans.  That’s my buddy Yerbie.

A Brief Biography

Among my interests are baseball, history and railroads.  I enjoy the writer’s journey, enjoy new experiences and people.  I am from New York City originally as you can see now wearing a cowboy hat in another locale in the American Southwest.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Books by Michael Charton
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5 thoughts on “Guest Post: A Cat Named Yerbie by Michael Charton

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  3. Hi Amelia,

    I tried to post a comment but it wouldn’t take it. I coudn’t even type it in. Same thing happened last time so I tweeted it. I would have loved to comment about Yerbi the cat and your visitors great story, including wishing his wife well. Don’t know if it’s a comment glitch…

    I love coming and supporting your site.

    A big hug to you, Paulette

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