Children’s Book of the Week and Other Book Reviews

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

Welcome to more of my children’s book reviews.  I hope you enjoy my choice of books and the reviews of them.  Please don’t forget to scroll down the page and read all of them!

“Children’s Book of the Week – The Story of Solomon Bear by Phillip Laird
Available as an eBook $6.69 and in Paperback $8.99

The Story of Solomon Bear

Solomon Bear is the adored teddy bear of an unnamed young girl growing up in a house where she is neither loved nor wanted.  The bear and the child are devoted to each other in this warm, feel-good story for children.  The little girl is never allowed ‘outside’ and she and Solomon spend hours together playing hide-and-seek, dancing, and expressing their deep, never-to-end love for each other.  Then, sadly, the cold-hearted step-mother makes a decision; the little girl has grown too old for such nonsense and the bear has to go.  What worse…

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