Children’s Book of the Week and other Book Reviews

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

Welcome to more of my children’s book reviews.  I hope you enjoy my choice of books and the reviews of them. Please don’t forget to scroll down the page and read all of them!

Children’s Book of the Week – Alex the Cat by Dina Porell
Alex the CatAlex the Cat is the story of one kitten’s struggle for survival on the open streets in a town somewhere in Korea.  Alex is born to two loving, doting parents who are continuously trying to stave off the pangs of hunger and stay alive by scavenging for scraps from the city’s waste bins.  In Korea, as we all know, there are multitudes of abandoned and homeless cats and the competition for food is fierce.

Finding himself unexpectedly alone, Alex soon realises there is no-one out there he can trust, save one other small kitten.  And even that relationship is short-lived.   Life is punishing.  Food is hard…

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