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Mungai and the Goa Constrictor - A children's book by Amelia E Curzon - coverMungai and the Goa Constrictor has a brand new website. Having realised I can actually have all my sites in one place, I have now put all three on WordPress. I absolutely love WordPress and really enjoyed putting  this one together, so please go over and take a look.

You can find out most of what there is to know about Mungai and the Goa Constrictor over there.  You can also read review snippets and excerpts  and see where to buy it.

There is an RSS environmental feed, a wildlife blog in its infancy, and a  jungle facts page to browse through. If anyone has any interesting facts they would like to add,  do let me know.

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World Peace – An Attainable Goal! by Amelia Curzon

I have been invited to contribute a post to the PEACE BLITZ TOUR by writing my own thoughts on world peace. Thank you, Catalina, aka M.C.V.Egan, author of the wonderfully researched and written book The Bridge of Deaths, for your kind invitation and this great opportunity.

Artists impression of Storstrom Bridge

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children”  Mahatma Gandhi

Of 3530 years of recorded world history, only 286 years have been free of wars. That indicates a staggering amount of worldwide warmongering!

Such telling statistics make any hope of world peace seem almost unimaginable, but there is no doubt that here is a common goal which we all want to see to fruition.

But the belligerents, dictators and despots are not listening. Power is their aphrodisiac; world peace is not in their interests. For millennia their kind has thrived on discord and death – their philosophy being, it is far easier to destroy the enemy than to reason with him! Until we cleanse the planet of such evil we will always struggle to keep abreast of it. Regrettably, for the beleaguered to rise up against any such oppression usually requires further acts of violence. The numbers of recorded bloodless coups are few. This is where we need to take a step back and review the situation.

If we are ever to achieve anything remotely like peace on the planet, we must strive to educate our children in the ways of democracy, and they in turn their children, and they theirs. With this in place I believe we can begin to take steps to reach this global Utopia of contentment, peace and freedom so many of us crave.

Supporters of one democratic peace theory claim that “strong first-hand evidence exists that democracies never or rarely wage war against each other”. Many consider this is unmanageable as the mind-set of mankind inherently bats against peace. The human race is perceived as violent, and war as an intrinsic part of human nature, therefore inhibiting peace amongst nations. Although it goes without saying, no one is ever going to want the same thing – we are all thankfully vastly different – I do not believe human beings are naturally violent, it is something they have learned through life.  Equally they can be taught there is more than one way to accomplish a task.

I do believe the children are the future impetus behind the advancement of world peace. Vital in raising awareness across the globe, their endorsement will add to the appreciation that we are all one huge universal family, and that our differences are superficial and should augment life, not seek to destroy it.

FREE today only

Told through the eyes of animals, Mungai and the Goa Constrictor promotes peace and harmony, and illustrates how easily seemingly incompatible creatures, drawn together from vastly different environments, can unite in a common cause – to overcome fear and oppression.  And guess what!

Well, that would be spoiling it, wouldn’t it?

But, as a celebration of the PEACE BLITZ, Mungai and the Goa Constrictor will be FREE on Amazon for today, August 15th, ONLY  “Peace and harmony versus greed and deception” and  Please feel free to grab a copy! 

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And to continue the tour…….

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Am I Proud to be British! by Amelia Curzon

This post was first featured on  Scarlett Rains Guest  Blog Spot  4 August, 2012

I cannot say, hand on heart, I have ever been totally ashamed of being British, but certain events over the years have made me somewhat reticent to declare my nationality with even a modicum pride.

Football hooliganism at home and abroad is probably the first which springs to mind, followed a close second by the general behaviour of the Englishman/woman abroad in sunny locations where alcohol and drug fuelled  violence seems to have become the norm. No-one has told them it is not, and so they continue. The law being on the side of the criminal as opposed to the victim is another one that rankles, and the rising knife and gun crime demonstrates a complete lack of accountability on the part of all concerned. No-one wants to accept responsibility for anything anymore.  And the act of allowing terrorists to live in our midst because their human rights may be violated if we throw them out of the country, beggars belief! Where did these do-gooders come from who aided and abetted the downfall of the country in this way? The economy is in shreds and poor people just keep getting poorer whilst the rich – well you know the rest. Sometimes, there seemed no end to the bad things!

Then came 2012!

Following her grandson’s very popular marriage to Katherine Middleton in 2011, Her Majesty The Queen’s own DiamondHM Queen Elizabeth 11  on the Royal Barge Jubilee descended upon us. And what a wonderful and grand series of celebrations we were treated to. The river pageant was spectacular. One thousand small craft floated down the Thames along with The Queen’s barge.  Amongst them the surviving boats which rescued the troops from Dunkirk in 1940. Nice touch! People across the country and in London held street parties of their own, and once again the nation was united.

Now we are in the process of hosting, brilliantly I might add, the 30th Olympic Games.

London 2012 bannerI watched the first scenes of the Opening Ceremony with a great deal of cynicism.  Major fail coming our way, I thought.  Then the Orchestra played Elgar’s Nimrod, and I was hooked.  From then on the whole shebang seemed to go from strength to strength.  The Industrial Revolution with its rising stacks was a feat of absolute genius, as were the flying bicycles and Rowan Atkinson ‘playing along’ to ‘Chariots of Fire’ – hilarious! There was so much to watch and admire. I must say I was a tad disappointed to see them trotting out Paul McCartney, yet again.  Apart from his being out of tune, it is time to use a little more imagination when it comes to the ‘star turn’ in these events. There is so much talent out there!

But for me, Danny Boyle’s greatest coup was getting Daniel Craig together with H M.  What a thoroughly good sport she really is. Rubbish actress though! I actually read a comment from someone who thought “it was positively disgraceful to allow a woman of her age to jump out of a helicopter”!  There’s not a lot you can say to that!!

But, we are not done yet!

One of the largest and most wonderful annual events is still to come – The glorious Last Night of the Proms. – The Crowds at the Last Night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hallfabulous culmination of eight weeks of daily orchestral classical music concerts.   This splendid spectacle, now a cultural institution, has always filled me with pride and emotion.  It truly is Britain as it’s best as a nation. Multitudes of people fill the parks of London and elsewhere across the country, and in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (a happening now known as the Proms in the Park).  Individually, each venue has its own show with well-known artists. Huge screens are erected at the various sites with the evening coming to a close with a live link-up to The Royal Albert Hall for the greatest sing-along on earth.

Traditionally we hear the same familiar tunes towards the end.  Strains of Hubert Parry’s Jerusalem, Sir Henry Wood’s Fantasia on British Sea Songs and Thomas Arne’s Rule Britannia fill the air. Then, the sublime climax as hundreds of thousands of people join together to sing Land of Hope and Glory (Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance). All incredibly emotive!

The Union Jack flying at The Last Night of the Proms in the Royal Albert HallWhen it comes to any form of pomp, circumstance or celebration, no-one can outdo the British.  We were made for it. When things get tough we are still able to come together and make merry, and bring ourselves some joy amongst all the angst, the stress and the mess, fostering the sort of nationwide camaraderie we could do with so much more of.

Yes, when all is said and done, I am very proud to be British!




Amelia Curzon is an author, blogger, mother and lover of all animals, great and small.

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All Good Roosters Go To Heaven by Amelia Curzon

Carte Blanche by Amelia Curzon

It has taken me a while to start on my second blog, it got lost in the confusion of marketing and promoting in so many places, I found I completely lost track of where I was.  Far too much information seemed to be coming my way. Then sadness descended and I thought I would take the time to share it.

Cuthbert with Hens

This is my beautiful Cuthbert, a six-year-old Partridge Blue Brahma.  At least he was until this morning. He stood two and a half feet high and weighed enough to feed 30 people at the appropriate festival lunch. Don’t worry, we feed them, they don’t feed us. Just thought it was worth a mention.  He was a big, big bird.  He was also gentle and funny.

Upon his demise, his small harem of hens, now reduced to three, didn’t bat a wing! They looked, turned and carried on with the day’s…

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Where Have All the Seal Pups Gone!! by Amelia Curzon

Alas and alack, the season has begun. No, not the football season, not the cricket or rugby season, nor that of any other acceptable sport. In fact, the season now open is for one of the most hideous pastimes ever invented.

Ladies and Gentlemen, children and pets, roll up, roll up! It is now ‘club a baby seal to death’ season.

The coming of spring marked the start of yet another merciless bloodbath, or the annual commercial seal hunt as it is more often referred to. Every year, in Eastern Canada, fishermen are allowed to take up clubs and set about the heads of baby seals, pounding away at them until they have extinguished their lives. Others favour the gun.
This year the death target is 325,000 seals, but just for good measure, a further 10,000 harp seals have been added to the quota to cover the aboriginal allowance. Both figures are always exceeded.

As heartbreaking goes, this rates a 10 on a scale of 1 – 10.
As unacceptable, it rates a further 10.
The value of the lives of these animals, however, cannot be rated. Life, by the very virtue of the fact it is life, is too precious to put a price on.

The barbaric way in which these innocent little creatures are being slaughtered is indefensible and unforgivable. Some are even skinned alive. Most are less than four weeks old.

It must be very easy to approach a docile and unsuspecting, possibly even trusting, baby seal. This is all incomprehensibly cruel. It is time for everyone who cares, to act.
Over a four year period over one million baby harp seals have been killed, for profit, by Eastern Canadian fishermen. Profits from the slaughter come mostly from the sale of luxury items. The financial return on this activity is very low. Ironically, the fishermen are able to make far more money from exporting seafood to the United States, their largest market.

Where is the justification for all of this! There is none. It must end. Not just for a season, but permanently.
You can help! We all can!

Listed below are some very worthy sites where YOU can make your mark and help these otherwise helpless animals.
Steal yourself and help to save a life!